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Another First from RawVoice PowerPress Next Generation!

powerpressToday with the release of the updated PowerPress Podcast Plugin for WordPress I can confidently say that once more we have done something in the new media / podcasting space that no one else has.

The PowerPress plugin has been a hands-down winner for a lot of podcasters for more than a year now. But we have just upped the odds. For the first time podcasters can have an integrated podcast publishing solution while maintaining their own brand on their own WordPress blog.

The new update brings Blubrry Podcast Statistics to the dashboard, Podcast Publishing Integrated with Blubrry Hosting, allowing a simple 1,2,3 podcast publishing process. Heck, we even write your ID3 tags for you now, not to mention multi-language support!

Podcasters are supposed to focus on the media creation. RawVoice and the Blubrry Podcast Community is where podcasters find free and paid services that allow them to do just that  — not to mention we are putting hundreds of thousands of dollars in podcasters’ pockets each month.

Podcasters, ask yourself: What company is really looking out for you, allowing you to build your own empire?

To see how we have made podcasting easier for new and old podcasters alike check out the blog post at and, if you’re like me and want to watch the demo videos in a bigger resolution, check out how we have integrated our podcast hosting services.

RawVoice remains Strong and Profitable

Business Update:

In first five months of 2009 RawVoice remains profitable and is having a record breaking year in its various business units. We continue to invest heavily in ongoing development of all our podcast and new media platforms.

Our financial outlook 2009 is highly positive and our burn rate continues to be lower than our month to month revenues.

RawVoice has increased it’s staffing by more than 50% since the beginning of the year in order to keep up with growing demand for our services.

Our Podcast Advertising division is delivering millions of CPM- and CPA-based ads each month to millions of listeners across a significant number of podcast properties for our various vendors.  

RawVoice now also provides a number of the major podcast networks the high majority of their advertising revenue. This has further expanded our available advertising inventory that carries no overhead for RawVoice.

We are investing in the future by pressing forward with numerous new projects that we will be bringing to the market over the next 6 months that will further our dominance in not only the podcast advertising space but also in new media.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice