Launches Affiliate Marketing Program

Podcasting pioneer, a subsidiary of, is launching its company’s first affiliate program that will allow podcast consultants, podcasters and enthusiasts to earn rewards for promoting and selling the large range of services offered by RawVoice/Blubrry.

The program is unique in the affiliate marketing space in that it will benefit affiliates with cash rewards for sales of services. Affiliates then can earn additional annual revenue based on the annual gross revenue of sales.

“We want to take care of our affiliates and make them a integrated part of our sales team, making our customers their customers,” explains RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane. “Too often affiliate programs do not reward affiliates over a long period of time for delivering business. We want long-term relationships with our affiliates and that is the reason we introduced annual bonuses.”

RawVoice in the coming weeks will expand the new program to allow select affiliates to sell the company’s enterprise offerings as well to receive large reward packages.

A variety of promotions will be launched throughout this year with myriad offerings to bring great deals to podcasters and their affiliates. The first program offers podcasters a free month of service and the affiliate earns a reward equal to one month of service. Top rewards in this promotion could reach $80 per new account plus go toward the affiliate’s annual bonus. is a podcasting community and directory launched in 2005 that gives content creators the power to make money, get detailed audience measurements and host their audio and video. Whether you are a media creator, advertiser or media consumer, Blubrry is your digital media interface.

The Truth is Out There: Don’t be duped by bogus stats

The truth is out there and, yes, we know sometimes the truth hurts. Heck, we’ve been there ourselves. The important thing is, the truth will set you free and/or — in the case of your podcasting stats — provide you increased credibility, more and better advertising opportunities and can isolate areas where you might wish to improve.

We’ve heard from podcasters who have been lulled into a false reality by inaccurate and inflated stats they received from other sources, and some who were simply counting download hits. But, we’re not going to lie to you, and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to lie to yourself.

Some content creators are shocked by the drop in numbers when they first transition to RawVoice stats. We get that. What’s important for you to get is that advertisers also get that other stat sources create a false positive. That’s why our RawVoice Certified Stats designation is important to you and to current or prospective advertisers. It gives both of you a pinpointed, realistic view of your audience demographic and your reach.

This is how we do it:

RawVoice has been analyzing media downloads since 2005. From day one, we quickly recognized a pattern: The number of unique downloads from a single network address is much more common than repeat downloads from a single network address.

Although the difference fluctuates month to month, we see unique network-address downloads from 75 percent to 95 percent of the network addresses we analyze each month. This means that between 5 percent and 25 percent of the repeat downloads are either erroneous or from multi-person networks. For this reason, the first phase of our algorithms calculate the unique network downloads.

Our algorithms then factor in multi-byte requests (a common feature used by iPhone/Android mobile apps) as well as erroneous download requests and bogus networks to provide a download total that correlates to the number of individuals who downloaded your podcast. What does a RawVoice episode total mean? It means your total downloads for that episode is your audience size for that episode.

One problem we see is the impact that media files have on Web-based statistics, which makes them unreliable for podcast reporting. Because of the size of podcast media (easily exceeding 5MB in size), downloads are almost always split into multiple requests (recognized as hits by Web analytics). Factor in typical technical complications and you can see that it only takes one listener with a faulty Wi-Fi router to inflate totals. For example, a podcaster using Web analytics saw 10,306 hits, where our system reported 1,243 downloads. Our algorithms recognized more than 9,000 of these hits came from one network address to a home in Kansas. Our system factored these erroneous requests out because the last thing we want is to explain to an advertiser why 90 percent of a podcast’s audience comes from a home in Topeka.

To support our results, we also include the unique network address totals in our reporting. Consider the example above with the unique network address total of 1,001. It is easy to explain the difference (242 downloads) came from multi-user networks. Relying on Web statistics, it’s going to be hard to explain how 10,306 downloads came from only 1,001 unique networks.

Still discouraged? Don’t be. Here are some examples of top shows that have benefitted from getting an accurate picture of their audience and their reach.

Daniel J. Lewis, director of Network, relies on our certified podcast statistics to have third party verification by RawVoice when he is negotiating advertising deals. He also easily monitors performance of his podcast network affiliates (who may host their media elsewhere).

Andy McCaskey,, said, “Since 2008, I’ve produced well over 2,000 audio and video podcasts. Using stats from Rawvoice (Blubrry and Techpodcasts) they have been an integral part of my operations on two long running audio podcasts, podcast sales training for private clients, and since 2011 two Roku channels, with dozens of shows.

“If you are distributing your podcast, you need the PowerPress wordpress plugin and Rawvoice stats,” McCaskey said. “And now, with enterprise IT clients such as Hewlett Packard on our Roku channel, Rawvoice stats are even more important to my business.

JeffreyPowers,, said, “RawVoice Stats are a vital part of my shows. I can gauge show performance daily. Since the Day in Tech History podcast has run each day since August 2009, I use RawVoice stats to see what episodes have hit and what has not.

“Even more, I can show our stats reports to sponsors and am backed by RawVoice certifying the data,” Powers said.

So there you have it. Other podcast statistics sources will not give you or your advertisers an accurate picture of what you have to offer. RawVoice Certified Statistics will. And that’s the truth.

Announcing RawVoice Certified Podcast Statistics

This is a big day for us here at RawVoice, we are announcing via Press Release RawVoice Certified our Podcast stats certification program.

Announcing RawVoice Certified: The seal of verified podcast metrics
Designation offers third-party, validated metrics to advertiser, media creators and network managers

RawVoice, a national pioneer in digital media metrics, monetization and content creation, announced the implementation of RawVoice Certified, a third-party podcast/network validation of media statistics. Tapping into eight years of data collection and analytics, the RawVoice Certified seal is the foremost authority in validating podcast statistics.

“At RawVoice, we know that podcast statistical validation is critical when a network / podcast has to corroborate audience size, demographics and how the media was consumed,” said Todd Cochrane, RawVoice founder and CEO. “Our years of experience in collecting and processing statistics for tens of thousands of podcast and networks puts RawVoice at forefront of analytics critical to our customers. Our certified service is the gold standard for media buyers, networks and podcasters.”

RawVoice Certified Stats gives content creators and media buyers detailed network delivery statistics, analytics, audience demographics and it tracks exactly how the media is engaged, providing near real-time reporting capability, all certified by RawVoice.

A variety of algorithms are used by RawVoice Statistics to filter out data that would otherwise inflate the media statistics. RawVoice provides podcast analytic / statistic services to 16,000 plus independent podcasters and networks, Cochrane said, including major television and online networks and universities.

Since 2005 RawVoice has been measuring podcast statistics for media buys and buyers to include some of the biggest podcast networks in the space. RawVoice, parent company of and, has unparalleled insight into how podcast media is being consumed. For more information, contact RawVoice Sales at sales [at]

Contact: Network Managers should contact RawVoice for bulk pricing, individual podcasters can get RawVoice Certified here today. Check out all the details on the product details page.

RawVoice Podcast Statistics Media Consumption Insights Series #1

RawVoice, the leader in podcast analytics, announces the first in a series of global podcast statistics reports measured across more than 15,000 podcasts hosted on a variety of podcasting platforms.

“RawVoice has been diligent in working toward establishing itself as the No. 1 source for global podcasting data,” RawVoice CEO Todd Cochrane said. “No one in the industry has more direct measured data.”

RawVoice analytics are based on actual — not interpolated — information, giving content creators and media buyers the most accurate picture of who is consuming their content as well as how it’s being consumed.

Over the past 90 days, RawVoice Podcast analytics has recorded the following trends in clients consuming podcast media. This was a sampling of 69.7 million audience listens/views across 17 genres.

  • Desktop applications, such as iTunes, 36.7%
  • Smartphones and mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPod and Android, 30.3%
  • Web browsers, 18.3%
  • Tablets such as the iPad and Nexus 7, 8.8%
  • Mobile applications, 3.2%
  • Smart TV / OTT set-top boxes, 2.7%

Percentage of consumption by client:

  • iTunes (desktop applications), 27.4%
  • iPhone (smartphones), 22.8%
  • iPad (tablets), 8.7%
  • Android (smartphones), 7.1%
  • Firefox (Web browsers), 4.8%
  • Google Chrome (Web browsers), 4.1%
  • Internet Explorer (Web browsers), 1%
  • All others (100+ other clients), 24.1%

Percentages by platform:

  • Windows, 35%
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad), 30.9%
  • Mac OS, 16.5%
  • Android, 7.7%
  • Linux, 2.5%
  • Other, 7.4%

“Podcasts are being listened to and watched on all devices today and trends are evolving; it’s imperative for podcasters and our media buyers to stay abreast of the most effective means to reach new media audiences,” Cochrane said. “Because of the growing popularity of mobile devices, our data indicates that if you want to reach mobile consumers, you should advertise on podcasts.”

RawVoice keeps close watch on trends in the space. “For instance, the fastest growing podcast mobile application has been “Downcast” a mobile application for Android,” Cochrane said. “Downcast currently is the No. 1 podcasting application outside of Apple’s mobile podcast and iTunes apps.”

Since 2005 RawVoice has been measuring Podcast statistics for media buys and buyers to include some of the biggest podcast networks in the space. RawVoice, parent company of and, has unparalleled insight into how podcast media is being consumed. For more information, contact Cochrane at [email protected]

Amazon Outage

Amazon AWS has suffered a significant outage today. Many of our core services are hosted on Amazon infrastructure. One of the tenants of our service offerings was that we wanted to insure that our media redirect service which collects stats data, and our media hosting business would always stay online in case of an outage like today.

Today the planning we put in place years ago paid off, and critical never fail service switched into fail over mode. Our backup media statistic redirect server took over just a few minutes after the primary one went offline. Our primary CDN had no issues and hosted media continued to be served without the need to fail over to our secondary CDN.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice